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Siamo orgogliosi del carattere che la Villa mostra, perché è il risultato della ricca storia che il nostro Paese ha visto e vissuto. Accanto alla Villa del XIX secolo, situata su 27 acri di parco naturale, si trova "Le Scuderie", scuderie del primo medioevo, disponibili per matrimoni ed eventi speciali.


We are proud of the character that the Villa shows, because it is the result of the eventful history our country witnessed and lived. Beside the 19th century Villa, situated on 27 acres of natural parkland, is 'Le Scuderie,' early Medieval horse stables, available for weddings and special events.

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Exactly the kind of place I was looking for: atypical, with a strong "personality"! Large room (with ensuite bathroom) on the 2nd floor of a large Tuscan house.  We were very well received by  Monica. We did not have the opportunity to see the family because of our holiday schedules;) An address I would recommend.

                                                          B - Paris, France

Villa Mori

Durante la seconda guerra mondiale la villa fu presa dai tedeschi come centro di comando per la regione, ci sono molte storie da raccontare su quel periodo e ci piacerebbe condividerle con i nostri ospiti. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - During WWII the villa was taken by the Germans as a command center for the region, there are many stories to tell about that period and we would love to share them with our guests.